Adjunctive Products / Services


We fabricate temporaries out of traditional acrylics or Telio®CAD from NobelProcera™. This acrylic for C&B up to 6 units is precision milled for fit and extraordinary strength. Available in 6 shades it presents a lifelike fluorescence and polishes to a smooth surface.

We can also fabricate immediate provisionals from either a model or wax-up. Alternatively, we can supply matrices for you to make your own temporary from our wax-up.

Bleach Trays

We create comfortable bleaching trays that adapt well to the teeth to protect gingival tissue and help minimize any sensitivity.

Custom Trays

Let us provide you with accurate, dimensionally stable custom trays.

Surgical Stents

We make several types of implant drill guides (surgical stents), usually from hard, 1.5mm EVA or co-polymer vacu-form plastic.


All you hockey and footballers take heed: protect your teeth before you regret it! We fabricate sportsguards in varying layers to suit the degree of contact sport.

Case Planning & Diagnostics

We believe in predictable dentistry and the accepted protocols of our day, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This philosophy translates into diagnostic wax-ups, photographs and a determination of patients’ desires and expectations, as well as a discussion of what and how (or if) this can be achieved.

Case Planning & Diagnostics

Building in a metal or bisque try-in phase flows from this philosophy for appropriate cases.

Shade Taking/Custom Staining

We see patients for a custom shade selection/consult and provide a little patient education at the same time. We find they are often fascinated to learn about how restorations are made and about issues in their own mouths.

Shade Taking/Custom Staining

All of our lighting is 5500 degree K and we have a huge skylight as well. This optimizes the lighting conditions under which our shade selection is done. We record the selection digitally as well as with old-time drawings and coloured pencils. If you wish, this record can be digitally available to you as well.

We do custom staining of finished or almost-finished restorations whenever required. We will customize restorations to the satisfaction of our clients.