Nightguard / Dental Orthotics

These days who wouldn’t benefit from a nightguard?

We fabricate a wide variety of nightguards and other NADO (non-sleep apnea dental orthotics) including deprogrammers, appliances from various materials such as heat-softening thermoplastics, dual-layer thermoplastics and traditional hard orthodontic acrylic.

Our most popular nightguard, Sof-Seat®, is fabricated from a thermoplastic material which becomes resilient in warm water making it easier to seat and providing comfortable protection from bruxism. This increases patient compliance in wearing the orthotic and makes the chairside dental procedure easier and quicker. The appliance needs to be exposed to warm water for a minute or so to soften. Once cooled it regains its excellent dimensional stability.

We also make nightguards from a double layer (hard outside/soft inside) thermoplastic material or hard ortho acrylic with clasps to suit the degree of bruxing exhibited by your patient.

We also fabricate provisionals, bleach trays, custom trays, sportsguards and surgical stents. Please see ADJUNCTIVE PRODUCTS & SERVICES for more information on these.